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Title: 1868.6c. pair.Mexico/Cuautitlan."used"
Post by: Martin "Spuff" Spufford on March 30, 2015, 10:42:08 PM
I looked this one up in SHR (Stout)(page 18) and find (disappointingly) that all of the 1872 6c sent to Cuautitlan as a Mexico sub-office were returned unsold!!!!!
I can only assume that this pair is part of that returned shipment on which some idiot  has added a boxed "FRANCO ............"
This type of cancel was not issued to Cuautitlan.
So this remains a mystery to me.
Any theories?
Title: Re: 1868.6c. pair.Mexico/Cuautitlan."used"
Post by: Farley Katz on March 31, 2015, 09:10:58 AM
I have not previously looked at the invoice & return numbers in Stout but on a quick look those raise a number of questions.  As you note, it appears that Cuautitlan returned 100 of the six centavo 72s to Mexico City.  Other subs of Mexico returned earlier stamps to Mexico City.  However, if I am reading the records correctly, it appears that Mexico City returned a total of only 62 six centavo stamps to the GPO (including all years).  Stout, p. 6.  So what happened to the other six centavos from Cuautitlan that were returned to Mexico City?
Possibilities: (1) Mexico City used them or reissued them to other subs.  Could yours be from Tacubaya?  Sz 851B?  (2) The records are incomplete or incorrect.  (3) The "idiot" hypothesis.  (4) Something else that I cant think of.
Title: Re: 1868.6c. pair.Mexico/Cuautitlan."used"
Post by: Rodolfo Torres Vazquez on April 05, 2015, 02:21:14 AM
In Mexican District there are three same type cancels :"FRANCO SOYANIQUILPAN" #850,  "FRANCO TACUBAYA" 851B and   "FRANCO OTUMBA" #848,  the Soyaniquilpan and Tacubaya are larger there is a reduced space between two words, but the "FRANCO OTUMBA" is less large and both words have more space between them;  in my point of view maybe it is "FRANCO OTUMBA".