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General Discussion / Re: Sales Contact for MEPSI
« on: January 02, 2021, 07:35:04 PM »
Craig--I think you are referring to Thomas Amato in charge of circuit sales for Mepsi, he is in the member directory, if needed ok to email me RR GRACE

Michael Roberts was awarded a Gold for Mexicana at the APS show 8/9-12/ 2018 in the category of Philatelic Society Journals. We are all so appreciative of his work to bring excellence to the Mexicana Journal now recognized by the APS award. RRGRACE

Eagles / Re: Eagles was the 2012 Split list updated ?
« on: July 20, 2018, 10:31:22 PM »
Jean--Total of 156 Eagle splits known but census now incomplete(2018), 68% are 4r. Hope to have time to update soon.  RRGRACE

Foreign Mail / Re: Wells Fargoj Mail going to Europe
« on: July 14, 2018, 06:37:17 PM »
Suggest contact Dexter Mattoon, he is very knowledgeable in Well Fargo, Mexico. Last email I have is RRGRACE

Post-classic Stamps 1900 - 1940 / Re: CIVIL WAR provisional on COVER
« on: October 28, 2017, 03:47:01 PM »
Spuff-It is not a "civil war cover" but a fabrication by Dr Nicolas, well known for same. RRGRACE

Gothics and Provisionals / Re: Morelia Provisionals ???
« on: June 28, 2017, 05:46:16 PM »
Well known cinderellas not genuine, not rare, some would say forgeries but no stamps ever produced to mimic so really just creations. RRGRACE

General Discussion / Re: Roberto Liera
« on: April 11, 2017, 12:18:22 AM »
During the early years of my collecting Mexico Roberto Liera was patient and kind with my simple questions and he was the first to discuss with me the paper types and grain of the 1856,1861 issues. I found him to be quite willing to share his vast knowledge and was always impressed with how much he knew and remembered. He is credited with the 1868 Postal Forgeries discovery and evaluation that is a vast field. His help with the 1856-1861 forgeries is as well appreciated by many collectors I am sure. We are saddened by his loss and his many contributions to Mexican Philately. RR GRACE

Gothics and Provisionals / Re: 8R gothic with frameline
« on: March 18, 2017, 02:58:15 PM »
Spuff--Unfortunately reprints do exist with framelines at least in 1856-1861. So would not consider framelines presence as always indicating genuine stamps, generally, but nice try.RRGRACE

Gothics and Provisionals / Re: Cuautla Provisionals
« on: March 08, 2017, 10:47:53 PM »
No in my 1856,1861,1868 collections; seems odd so was ever really used other than Provisional?

The long awaited 2016 Follansbee Event/weekend in Reno turned out to be beyond everyone's expectations for material,viewing,learning,socializing and just a tremendous philatelic experience(Depth, Breath,Accurate Descriptions so seldom seen). Mr Follansbee put on the broadest auction material present for a long time(? ever, without taking any credit for the expansive material presented) included were : "large lots",stampless covers, colonial mail,republic mails, Sellos Negros,1856 issue,1861 issue,Spanish intervention,Eagles,Maxis, Guadalajara Provisionals, Gothics, 1868,1872,1874,Foreign Mail,1884-1910,"Revolution",US Occupation VCZ, Oaxaca,Coach/Anvil Seal Issues,Airmails,Officials,Revenues,Postal Stationary, Yucatan Issues,Revenue Stamped Paper, and Literature. Believe me there was not time to see 1/2 of all the materials even if you worked at as I did! There were so many highlights I will only mention a few: #10 Monterrey(probably less than 5-10 known),#7A-CE(on white paper-less than 5-10 known), Spanish Intervention Stamps used at VCZ(RR ? 2 sets),multiple Guadelupe Hidalgo Eagles(6 different)-will never be any sale with these in that number again, Tacubaya eagles--6 different,Texcoco eagles--5, Tlalpam 2r first period(only known copy), 1868 50c blue color error(2 stamps!), 1872 Durango sub number 1, on 2 stamps on piece,"extraordinary"(rarely ever seen in auctions), Sonora 321 cover,#327 sheet-only known copy outside the Smithsonian, many beautiful cancels, watermark varieties and other covers. Additionally the Mexico Philatelic experts were sharing their knowledge such as Mark Banchik, Martin Spufford, Pete Taylor,J. Winerman, Dave Pietsch, Dexter Matoon, Bubba Bland,Manuel Inglesias, Mike Hart, Rich Daffner, Tad Mackie, others and of course Mr Follansbee who remains a wealth of knowledge. The socializing was always appreciated by those in attendance since we rarely are able to spend time with their fellow philatelic collectors.  Any opportunity to attend a Follansbee "event" in the future would be most worthwhile both from a philatelic and social standpoint in my opinion. RRGRACE

1868 Issue / Re: Anotado on eBay - Authentic?
« on: May 24, 2016, 11:28:24 PM »
James-Although I agree mostly with Mark, it is not as simple as it sounds to ascertain if an Anotado is genuine. The reference you quoted on the Mepsi website is the work of Doug Stout not Bash. This overprint has had much study and numerous articles are available in Mexicana and in the Stout book on 1868's. Some of the criteria that are commonly used are: Dimensions of overprint(height,length--14.5mm X 2.5mm), precise characteristics of each letter, they are often seen on postal forgeries(60%), most but not all are cancelled in Mexico DF, dark ink, uncommon on 6 and 100c, useage only a short time(3/5--4/25/1872), entire overprint has to be present and clear to verify each of the "criteria' and the"Rosetta Stone Cover" has been the one best example per Doug Stout for examining the Anotado overprints.  It is my impression that this particular overprint has very strict criteria of genuiness; and that these strict criteria are not often applied for other overprints of Mexico. For example it is difficult to believe that only one overprinting device was used for the Anotados to be exactly the same for all stamps, but unless the Anotado overprint has all the criteria of the "Rosetta Stone" it could fail the genuine test. I am speculating that there may have been several overprinting devices and that small differences could exist between them(this is not a widely held opinion as far as I am aware).Unfortunately there are many non genuine Anotados and several of these types have been classified. If I may be of further help please contact me to assist in evaluating this difficult area. RRGRACE

General Discussion / Re: Ron Mitchell
« on: March 27, 2016, 03:50:03 PM »
For those that do not own his book on the Denver Issue of Mexico I suggest it is a most worthy addition to your library and the demise of this dedicated philatelic researcher will be a significant loss.

General Discussion / Re: Forgeries, Counterfeits and Fakes
« on: February 19, 2016, 10:42:07 PM »
James-Your concerns seem to occur with many that begin the collecting and study of Mexico stamps so that we are required to know the genuine from the non genuine in any of the areas we collect.This at first is daunting but with experience and discussions with knowledgebal collectors most can learn the basics. However as you point out some areas may be more challenging and the 1868 reprints may be an example. My suggestion is to maintain a small reference collection that will help you recognize the non genuine as you assemble you collection/s. I am very interseted in the entire area of different forgeries on Mexico stamps and would be pleasded to help you.  As to what to do when an item is listed as genuine but probably not, just communicating your opinion may not change the seller's mind and without a closer inspection you may err. EBAY does not allow forgeries to not be idenitified as such and can ban sellers for continued misrepresentation. There are sellers on EBAY that we all know are reputable others are not guarenteed, buyer beware. Educating yourself is the overall best approach and this is enhanced by a reference collection of access to someone with same. There is also a vast body of literature covering Mexico non genuine stamps. If I may be of help please feel free to contact me. RRGRACE

1872 Issue / Re: 1872 Issue 100 Centavos Transfer Types
« on: September 20, 2015, 08:38:27 PM »
James-The best reference for the 1872 transfer types likely is Schimmer's Hildago Profile Issue of 1872 which detail the transfer types. This is a more difficult area and a study unto itself. If you would like a scan of the 100c page or examples please contact me. Best Regards RR GRACE

Miscellaneous / Re: Suggestions for Specialization?
« on: July 13, 2014, 12:51:23 AM »
Craig--What to collect in Mexico could fill a lot of pages as every issue has its own compexities,fund of references and need for furhter study. You could decide to collect an issue (ie 1856-1867), multiples of an issue, covers of an issue, cancels of an issue, forgeries of an issue you see this can go on for awhile. I started with the first issue not knowing hardly anything about Mexico philately and have enlarged my sphere of collecting subsequently. I suggest you talk or email some of the collectors of Mexico to give you ideas based on your interests and passions. I would be pleased to help you if desired. Nearly every issue of Mexico can be collected affordably. RRGRACE

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