Author Topic: Postal rates during 1874-83 Issues.  (Read 427 times)

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Postal rates during 1874-83 Issues.
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I believe the Circular/preprinted matter rate at the start of the 1874 issue was 5 Centavos, however it appears that at some point during this issue it was reduced to 4c.  I have circulars used in 1875-6 with 5 centavos stamps, and a circular used in 1883 with a 4c stamp.  The 4c Hidalgo Head stamp was issued in 1880.

Can anyone tell me when the Printed Matter rate was changed from 5c to 4c?  The date of the tariff?  I don't see this information in Chittenden, Billings or Cossio.

Thank you
Marc Gonzales