Author Topic: spuff closing 16th Feb and BIN FOREIGN MAIL special OFFER.  (Read 399 times)

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spuff closing 16th Feb and BIN FOREIGN MAIL special OFFER.
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2020, 11:37:17 AM »
Dear collectors of Classic Mexico clients and friends.
It’s time for another  WINTER special while you in the Northern hemisphere are locked in by blizzards and bad weather.
Here in NZ it is still hot and sweltering!!

FOR ONE WEEK ONLY. 25% DISCOUNT ON ALL  BIN FOREIGN MAIL issue stamps priced at 2.50$, 4$, 4.50$, 5$ and 6$.
This offer expires at 0900 PDT on Wednesday 19th Feb 2020.
Take advantage of this one time offer.
Here is a direct link to my 274 BIN Foreign Mail issue with lowest-priced first.

The discount will be paid as a paypal refund.

Just 36  auction lots for you in my auction this week as follows:-

Imperial eagles:-
23 singles

Foreign Mail issue
7 singles

6 singles.

To view all of my auction lots and to place your snipe bids just use this handy link which will take you straight to my site.

I have done a whole lot of work to make it easier to find stamps in my Buy It Now store. See search criteria below, all revised.

1091  Lots in my Fixed Price/BIN store. (See link).
Of which 569 are Imperial Eagles  and a direct link follows here with most valuable first..

For all my Buy It Now (BIN) also called fixed price lots here is the link