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spuffnstuff closing at 0900 on Sunday 18th October.
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2020, 01:52:08 PM »
Dear collectors of Classic Mexico clients and friends.
When you leave feedback please state the date your item(s) arrived. With the pandemic this gives me some idea how long it takes to reach each country.
I strongly suggest that if you only have a Mexico address you refrain from bidding as the chances of your lot arriving at this time of covid19 are indeed slight!!
I am having a cataract operation on the 21st Oct so maybe will be unable to do any close work shortly thereafter!!

32 auction lots for you in my auction this week as follows:-

No early classics

1868 issue
11 lots

1872 issue
2 lots

1877-1880 PSEs
3 lots

1881-1883 PSEs
2 lots

Foreign Mail and Numeralitos
5 lots

8 lots

1883 PSE
1 lot

To view all of my auction lots and to place your snipe bids just use this handy link which will take you straight to my auction site.

I have done a whole lot of work to make it easier to find stamps in my Buy It Now (BIN) store. See search criteria below, all revised.

1126  Lots in my Fixed Price/BIN store. (See link).
Of which 523   are Imperial Eagles  and a direct link follows here.
Also 285 Foreign Mail stamps.
For ALL my Buy It Now (BIN) also called fixed price lots here is the link with listed most recently first

I have revised these to make it work better for you, especially the 1856s,1861s and the 1872s.
To search my BIN lots I have moved the lot number to the beginning of the title line so BINs are easily discernible from auction lots.
Search in title line and/or description as follows.
Here’s what to enter in your “search” at my “spuffnstuff” store for the various issue I am listing (at present).START WITH THE RED Key words and/or UNDERLINED ONES!!
PRESTAMP, LS .(lettersheet from any issue/period),For fakes or reprints (any issue) search FAKE and REPRINT 1856, 1856-60 and/or, EMERALD, h 1856, k 1856, tm 1856, bw 1856, 1861, 1861-64 and/or tm 1861,
k 1861, bt 1861, bw 1861, EAGLE, MAXI, 1867, GOTHIC, GDA PROV, 1868-9, 1868-1872,
1872, PS (Papel Sellado watermark). bw 1872 and/or p 1872, tm 1872, bt 1872, m 1872, FOREIGN (MAIL), NUMERALITO, 1874-1877, 1878 (bottom numbers), PORTE DE MAR, 1878-1883, PSE (Postal Stationery Envelope), PSC (Postal Stationery Card). WELLS Fargo, MEDALLION. Large NUMERALS. MULITAS, REVOLUTION (covers and stamps), CORBATA, BARRIL, INFLATION, OFFICIALS. PERFIN (Mexico), AEGEAN, CHINA.
 To further refine your search (especially in the case of Imperial Eagles) just add the district which interests you or the word “sub”.
Remember Guanajuato MAY be GTO and Guadalajara MAY be GDA, Queretaro MAY be QTO etc. This is because of the limit on characters in the title line. I try to get as much information into the title as possible. I have used the same templates (with variations) on Turbo Lister for many years so nothing should be missed.
I hope you find something in either my auction or my store.

I shall be combining mailing for BIN and auction lots at the start of each week (Monday mornings) for regular bidders so if you have bought and paid for postage from my store during the week PLEASE WAIT for my invoice for your auction lots (without postage).

See here for new postal rates.
Due to annual uprated New Zealand postal rates the following will apply to all newly listed items and mailings after 1st July 2019:-
Ordinary airmail to anywhere in the world USD$2.80, Economy courier to Mexico and USA is USD$35.00, Express courier to Mexico USD$75.00 and International Registered mail USD$15.00$.

A copy of part of this message (limit of 5000 characters) will also be posted on Meximail under “dealer announcements”.
That’s about it for now so good luck in my new format!!
Ebay name
tel 64-9-8375577