Author Topic: spufnstuff closing on ebay on Sunday 17th Jan 2021.  (Read 46 times)

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spufnstuff closing on ebay on Sunday 17th Jan 2021.
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2021, 03:29:30 PM »
Dear collectors of Classic Mexico clients and friends. (Thursday 14th January 2021).
Closing 1 day before by birthday which is on January 18th.
This will be the last live auction for a while as I have little Mexico to sell.  HELP!!
When you leave feedback please state the date your item(s) arrived. With the pandemic this gives me some idea how long it takes to arrive.
Mail to Mexico update 14th November 2020.
I have just had confirmation from the NZ post that mail to Mexico IS going through.
Addresses in USA /Canada/Europe preferred for clients living in Mexico.
Airmail to Mexico at USD$2.80 is very slow (up to 90 days) and only to be used to mail small items under 25USD$ and is of course at the buyer’s risk.
International courier to Mexico is 35$USD and International Express Courier to Mexico (Telephone number required) 60USD$. These rates are determined by the current exchange rate. (USD to NZD).
We are in level 1 lockdown at present in NZ. Airmail is still going out (Almost normal to USA/Canada and Western Europe) but very slow to other destinations and there may be delays at NZ airport waiting for a plane to your country. There is no reason to believe your item is LOST in the mail, just very slow.
Please be very patient.
Please remove request for a refund until 3 months from mailing have passed. Then I will gladly give a refund

Just 19 auction lots for you in my auction this week as follows:-

1861 issue
9 lots of which 1 is a black ocho (lotjc135) and 3 are green ochos all with different cancels or size  (lots.jc137,138 and 139).

Imperial Eagles
4 lots

1 lot

1868 issue
1 lot

1874-1878 issue
2 lots

Mulitas 1895
1 lot

Transitorios 1914
1 group lot.

To view all of my auction lots and to place your snipe bids just use this handy link which will take you straight to my auction site.

I have done a whole lot of work to make it easier to find stamps in my Buy It Now (BIN) store. See search criteria below, all revised.

1163 Lots in my Fixed Price/BIN store. (See link).
Of which  532  are Imperial Eagles  and a direct link follows here.

For ALL my Buy It Now (BIN) also called fixed price lots here is the link with listed most recently first
Also 270 Foreign Mail lots and 14 group lots search by “sel”. *Any group of any issue search for “sel”*.

A copy of part of this message (limit of 5000 characters) will also be posted on Meximail under “dealer announcements”.
That’s about it for now so good luck!!
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