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Pete Taylor

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Re: Schimmer Update
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2012, 01:39:22 PM »
The answer to all your questions is probably "yes". However, I must clarify certain aspects of this Project. First and foremost is the fact that I am only going to cover from the Medallions forward. This, of course, leaves out the 1874/foreign mail issues. One major complaint with Karl"s original book was that it was hard to use for the 1874s because they were still under the "District" system and the book was divided according to "State". The Mexican Post Office abandoned the "District" system in 1884 with the Medallion issue and went to a "State" oriented administration. The 1874s belong in Schatzkes, not in Shimmer.
To date I have re-created all the tables in the book, I have produced individual scans of all the postmarks in the book, and am in the process of re-doing the basic "cancel types" to place them in chronological and usage order.
One thing I am working on is adding images of all the cancels (with exception of the "C" types) that are not shown in the original. While these re-creations will probably not be exact replications of the originals they should be valid additions. Many of Karl's original images were done from partials and/or outright re-creations. Similarly, mine will probably differ slightly in font style and size, letter spacing, and at times actual wording.
I am actively soliciting new information on new cancels and new usages of listed cancels in order to update the Tables. Any listing of new cancels should be sent with scans so I can include the cancel. New usage of existing cancels should include Shimmer #, cancel type, and issue usage (No scans needed). I sincerely hope that all collectors will go through their holdings and report any new data. The success of this project will depend on the participation of all collectors. Any data should be sent to  or mailed to Peter W Taylor, P.O.Box 53, Woodland WA 98674
As to making a disc of all of the has been done but I am trying to decide how and if I want to make this basic data available.
I'll try and keep this forum informed occasionally as to how progress is being made....Just remember...if you don't submit new information this project will be an excersize in futility.

Colin Deane

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Schimmer Update
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2012, 08:49:55 AM »
I was pleased to see in a recent post that Pete Taylor has made substantial progress on an update of the Schimmer Publication covering 1875 to Mail Transportation Issue Cancels.  Definitely something to look forward to.
Question for Pete:
Is there any possibility that the Schimmer update could include a printable version of the cancel images?
I would find it VERY valuable to be able to print out the complete cancel for stamps with a partial cancel so that stamps can be mounted over the full cancel. Spuff and Bubba do this routinely with Scatzkes images in their auctions.
I would be happy to pay for an addition to the publication in the form of a  printable electronic copy of the cancel images in actual size.  Easily worth an additonal $100 -150?  Extra revenue for MEPSI if they are the publisher for the new book.
Not sure how practical this is, or how easy to do.
My ideal would be an electronic file (CD?) which allowed selection of cancels by Schimmer Ref number, with the ability to select multiple cancels from the file to a single print page so that 8 or 10 or 12 cancels could be printed on a single page.
Additional features that would be beneficial are the abilty to rotate a cancel prior to printing to match up to the cancel orientation on the stamp, ability to resize cancels (enlarge or reduce), and ability to customise the standard cancels illustated at the front of Schimmer, such as C1 and O9, by adding the post office name, District, date (not sure if multiple type faces were used in some of these cancels). 
Is this possible?
Colin Deane, Toronto