Author Topic: NAPEX 2012 LITERATURE AWARDS  (Read 2199 times)

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Congratulations are in order for the Mepsi members awards at the  National Philatelic Exhibitions of Washington meeting held in McLean, Virginia June 1-3, 2012: Ron Mitchell's Mexico's Denver Printing of 1914 (Reserve Grand and Gold for Handbooks), Michael Roberts for Mexico's Revenue Stamps (Vermeil for Handbooks and Special Studues), Michael Roberts for Mexicana (Vermeil for Periodicals). Mepsi members  probably represented the largest number of awards in this literature contest, ie 3 of 25 available competitive awards.These awards do enhance Mepsi in Literature circles. My personal thanks to both author's for their significant literature contributions which provide all of the Mepsi members with important information in these areas. I recognize the effort, time and concerns provided that cannot be sufficently repaid. RR GRACE