Author Topic: Revenues with overprint "Habilitado Correos"  (Read 2594 times)

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Re: Revenues with overprint "Habilitado Correos"
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In this time period, a number of things were happening with and to the revenues.
While researching and editing the new catalog, I have seen a few references to "correos" overprints but
 I haven't seen a reference to a "transitorio correos" overprint.
This doesn't mean they aren't genuine but I might suspect that they are more of a trial in nature.

Maybe one of the pros will step in and answer this one.



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Revenues with overprint "Habilitado Correos"
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2009, 07:39:34 AM »
In a recently bought old collection I found a range of different  revenue stamps of 1914/15 (a complete set of Renta Interior and singles of  Denver and Federal), all with black or red diagonal overprint TRANSITORIO  CORREOS. As I have never read or heard anything about such stamps
I  wonder  if anybody else has ever seen them or knows anything about their origin. Are  they just fantasy products or officially made but never issued trials?
What  made me not discard them right away as fakes are the pencil notes obviously made  by the former owner on the back of the paper slips on which every single item is  fastened. They say (in Spanish): Fiscals used for postage, bought in April 1930  from Sr.L.Gomez for ...(Prices ranging between 15 and 100 Francs - French or  Belgian?)
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