Author Topic: spuff's BIN as at Thursday 2nd December 2021.  (Read 75 times)

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spuff's BIN as at Thursday 2nd December 2021.
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Dear collectors of Classic Mexico clients and friends. (Thursday 24th November. 2021).
Auckland is now in its 10th week of level 3 lockdown. We hope to go down to level 2 in a few weeks as we have been having a large covid 19 outbreak. (181 yesterday,).
At the moment we can only leave the house to go shopping at the supermarket although many of the other shops are shut
[size=0pt] [/size]Mail to Mexico up to 100 days. 
[size=0pt][/color]To view all of my auction lots and to place your snipe bids just use this handy link which will take you straight to my auction site (when applicable).[/size][size=0pt][/color][/size][size=0pt][/size][size=0pt][/size][size=0pt][/color]Now (BIN) store. See search criteria below, all revised.[/size][size=0pt][/color]
 554Lots in my Fixed Price/BIN store. (See link).
 Of which 263   are Imperial Eagles  and a direct link follows here. .
[size=0pt] [/size]
(When searching for Eagle subs (210 lots) just search  the word “sub” or use this link.[size=0pt][/size]
[size=0pt] [/size]
For [/color]ALL[/u][/b] my Buy It Now (BIN) also called fixed price lots here is the link with listed most recently first. open “time newly listed” on dropdown[/color].***[/u][/b]
 Search “foreign” for foreign mail there are
[/size][size=0pt][/color]117lots, and “sel” for group lots. There are 5/b] lots.[/size]
 I have revised these
 Search in title line and/or description as follows.
 Here’s what to enter in your “search” at my “spuffnstuff” store for the various issue I am listing (at present).START WITH THE [size=0pt][/color] UNDERLINED words
 PRESTAMP, LS .(lettersheet from any issue/period),For fakes or reprints (any issue) search FAKE and REPRINT 1856, 1856-60 and/or, EMERALD1861, 1861-64 ,
 *Any group of any issue search for “sel”*.
 , EAGLE, MAXI, 1867, GOTHIC, GDA PROV, 1868-9, 1868-1872,
 1872, PS (Papel Sellado watermark)., FOREIGN (MAIL), NUMERALITO, 1874-1877, 1878 (bottom numbers), PORTE DE MAR, 1878-1883, PSE (Postal Stationery Envelope), PSC (Postal Stationery Card). WELLS Fargo, MEDALLION. Large NUMERALS. MULITAS, REVOLUTION(covers and stamps), CORBATA, BARRIL, INFLATION, OFFICIALS. PERFIN (Mexico), AEGEAN, CHINA.