Author Topic: Spuff's BIN for Thursday 13th January 2022  (Read 31 times)

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Spuff's BIN for Thursday 13th January 2022
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Dear collectors of Classic Mexico clients and friends. (Thursday 13th January 2022) Auckland.
New Zealand has moved to the  new traffic light system. (red, amber and green)
Auckland is now on amber and the rest of the country on amber. No one is on green. We have been having a large delta covid 19 outbreak .  Omicron has not yet arrived but is expected very soon!!!!
At the moment we can only leave the house to go shopping at the supermarket although many of the other shops are now open
Next Tuesday I will be 80 years old. Doesn’t time fly?
[size=0pt] [/size]Mail to Mexico up to 100 days. 
[size=0pt][/color]To view all of my auction lots and to place your snipe bids just use this handy link which will take you straight to my auction site (when applicable).[/size][size=0pt][/color][/size][size=0pt][/size][size=0pt][/size][size=0pt][/color]Now (BIN) store. See search criteria below, all revised.[/size][size=0pt][/color]
 541Lots in my Fixed Price/BIN store. (See link).
 Of which 263   are Imperial Eagles  and a direct link follows here. .
[size=0pt] [/size]
(When searching for Eagle subs (210 lots) just search  the word “sub” or use this link.[size=0pt][/size]
[size=0pt] [/size]
For [/color]ALL[/u][/b] my Buy It Now (BIN) also called fixed price lots here is the link with listed most recently first. open “time newly listed” on dropdown[/color].***[/u][/b]
 Search “foreign” for foreign mail there are
[/size][size=0pt][/color]109lots, and “sel” for group lots. There are 5/b] lots.[/size]
 I have revised these
 Search in title line and/or description as follows.
 Here’s what to enter in your “search” at my “spuffnstuff” store for the various issue I am listing (at present).START WITH THE [size=0pt][/color] UNDERLINED words
 PRESTAMP, LS .(lettersheet from any issue/period),For fakes or reprints (any issue) search FAKE and REPRINT 1856, 1856-60 and/or, EMERALD1861, 1861-64 ,
 *Any group of any issue search for “sel”*.
 , EAGLE, MAXI, 1867, GOTHIC, GDA PROV, 1868-9, 1868-1872,
 1872, PS (Papel Sellado watermark)., FOREIGN (MAIL), NUMERALITO, 1874-1877, 1878 (bottom numbers), PORTE DE MAR, 1878-1883, PSE (Postal Stationery Envelope), PSC (Postal Stationery Card). WELLS Fargo, MEDALLION. Large NUMERALS. MULITAS, REVOLUTION(covers and stamps), CORBATA, BARRIL, INFLATION, OFFICIALS. PERFIN (Mexico), AEGEAN, CHINA.